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Dictatorship Never Again is a political performance done in collaboration with my grandmother, Julia Kodato. It connects the present to the past; resisting against Jair Bolsonaro's government by re-telling stories from my grandma's life during the military dictatorship - established in Brazil in 1964, lasting 21 years until 1985.

The performance is a conversation between the two of us. She is telling me about her story while I am shredding newspaper - the "Bible" of daily life knowledge - and recycling it into new, blue, paper. Blue as the colour which takes us to, as my grandma would say,  "immeasurable magnitudes; like the sea, the sky; which guides us to the limits of hope, and to the perspectives of a liberating world."

The project also includes a poster, made from newspaper paper, and wheat pasted on Main street.

wheatpaste copy.jpg
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