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A community hub for the sharing of textiles and stories


Based on conversations around disposability, trash, aesthetic value and care, BAÚ was an exploration into our cultures of excess by proposing a different form of relationship to the objects around us. Through practices of repair, alterations, and care, I explored the ability of re-adding value into previously forgotten objects.

Another question that permeated my work was: how can I expand these conversations to a broader audience; so as a community we can start shifting the way we relate and the currency we have around objects and 

treasure box - before copy.jpg

I transformed a discarded trunk which I found on the alleyway behind my house. To hold on to its previous life story, I kept the trunk to its original intended purpose (to my eyes) of a treasure chest. 

BAÚ is composed of 4 main elements:


To make concrete and share my research, reflections, and embodiment of practice, I decided that the treasure chest would become of community ownership, to hold and share stories between the ones that interact with it. – BAÚ was designed to become an exchange hub for textiles and the stories that each of them hold and carry forward.

members are invited to drop off the fabrics they no longer want, and take with them the ones they wish to have. They are also encouraged to write a little description about the piece of fabric they are dropping off – from a note simply stating what kind of fabric it is, to a note sharing a story and/or personal connection to the fabric.

Project date: September - October 2021

For: Rethreading the Circular Economy; Industrial Design Core Studio class  - Emily Carr University of Art + Design
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