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What Lies Under The Ground Beneath Your Feet?

A tool kit for engaging people in conversations and actionable change towards water equality.

Undergraduate Thesis Project - Bachelor of Design


What Lies Under The Ground Beneath Your Feet? is a tool kit that invites people into conversations about water rights and access. The kit encompasses a mobile space and 3 engagement tools encouraging people to playfully get to know their spaces and city, with a focus on water geography and public access to water. 

By reframing complex challenges, such as water equality, as fun and informal activities, citizens - who have intimate knowledge of their environments - become aware and empowered to take ownership over their surroundings. 

Using participatory design methods and co-creation, What Lies Under The Ground Beneath Your Feet? is an evolving kit, constantly being added on by the community that interacts with it, slowly building a data base that can influence policy making and actionable change.

The project has been organized into 5 distinct sections:

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