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What Lies Under The Ground Beneath Your Feet?


The tool kit will be used to facilitate workshops. Participants will be prompted with questions/reflections and are expected to engage with the given prompt through the use of the given tools. These workshops will also influence the development of potential new tools. 

Workshops will start as simple activities and will evolve into more in-depth activities. Currently I have 2 workshops planned out, and those will inform the development of the following workshops based on what participants are interested in exploring, directions that emerge through the initial workshops, and directions that seem necessary to reach our desired-outcome. Currently the desired-outcome is broad and shaped as a question; as the project unrolls it will evolve into a more focused goal.

Current convening question: how might we work together to increase citizen participation in decision-making and policy change regarding the well-being of water care and management in Vancouver so that: access to clean and safe water is a right for all, water is treated as a living being - holding power and agency, and habitats are protected for current and future generations of humans and more-than-humans.

If you would like to participate in any workshop, please send me a message! Either through email or instagram @cantaloupeworld.

Workshop 1 (may 2023 - ongoing)

Solo workshop that prompts participants to walk through the city and notice water.


 The intention with this workshop is to start mapping out where water lives in Mount Pleasant. – There is extensive research showcasing how traces of water above ground can be evidence for natural springs or historic riverbeds (called paleo valleys) that lie underground. These paleo valleys have huge potential as natural based solutions for storing water - helping to decrease flooding during the rainy season and using that same water as supply during the drier months.

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