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“Horta” means “food garden” in Brazil. There is no 1 word for “food garden” in English like there is in Portuguese. In English, it is a type of garden, that specifies in food growth. But a horta is not a type of garden that specifies in food growth, it is its own unique thing. And that being its own thing, gives it value and importance.

For me, a horta makes tangible the hope to a different future, a new kind of relationship between people and food. A horta invites community to come together, teach and learn, grow and experiment with new things, it asks for diversity rather than sameness, and it offers reciprocity. 

H.O.R.T.A. grew from that belief. And from the necessity to connect my Brazilian culture to my Canadian life. H.O.R.T.A. is a series of projects that creatively explore alternative food futures; more resilient and collaborative ones. 

Currently H.O.R.T.A. has 3 projects on the go:​

  • A mapping project utilizing discarded woven food bags (i.e. onion, rice, lime, garlic, and corn bags…) to research, map and make visible the origins of where the food we buy at the grocery store comes from and has passed through. This first map focuses on the Vancouver (Canada)’s food system, focusing on vegetables and fruits.

  • A documentary screening I am organizing in partnership with the Emily Carr University DESIS Lab and Green Peace Brasil. Called Antes do Prato (Before the Plate), the documentary itells the stories about different agroecology initiatives in Brazil.

  • The re-activation of the (often forgotten) area around the Grandview Cut in Vancouver, Canada, through the creation of a community garden.

Project date: November 2023 - Ongoing
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