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Hive Garden
"Future Foods" was a group project in which we had to design a project revolving around the given scenario: "Imagine 50 years from now, where people can only buy and source food in a local scale. What are the implications of that? Benefits and consequences? How can you design system to help people successfully live in these new circumstances?"

For our group, the outcome was a modular home garden for low income  populations (focusing on university students) to remove the barriers associated with food insecurity.
The idea behind the design was that it would be easily put together and taken apart, so it could be used indoors as well as outdoors.

It is a tall and slim design and it can be used as a garden as well as shelves, so it is easily accessible for small living spaces.

The Hive Garden would be sold in compact kits of 5 hexagons and 2 garden beds. The buyer is welcome to purchase extras of any of the components.

As a future add on to this project, we discussed having a manual guide on ideas for how the Hive Garden could be arranged and used.
The paper used for the manual would be embedded with seeds that could then be planted in the garden beds.
Project date:  January - March 2020

For: Future Foods project; Interdisciplinary Design Core Studio  - Emily Carr University of Art + Design
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